I need to be okay. 

Anonymous said:
actually i remember that!! i remember you posted that you were leaving to go on the bus and then it went onto the news and there was a post going around saying to keep you in our thoughts... im happy that youre safe now tho, love you <3 <3


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I Knew You Were Trouble, Treacherous, Fifteen, Come Back... Be Here

Fifteen:A memory from when I was fifteen

freshman year PE class! honestly, some of my BEST high school memories were made in this class. i met my best friend(s) here too

Treacherous:The most dangerous thing I have ever done

i really don’t know…. i’m gonna say drink alcohol in a public park? but……. that’s not really….. dangerous….. that’s just… dumb. and teenager-y. lmao. (also it was like a few sips so… not even drunk-type lmao).

I Knew You Were Trouble:The last time I got in trouble

i really odn’t know? the entire summer i was hardly home/hardly made contact with my dad so… lol. OH…. when i would not tell him where i was going, he would get mad at me. but he didn’t (rather couldn’t) do anything about it because i was never home. and he was never the type to punish (like grounding) anyways. and i never asked for like money, or a ride to places, so really he had hardly any power over me. i’m babbling about randomness, how did i get to talking about my dad? forget him. anyways… no trouble because i’m a good boy. lmao

Come Back…Be Here:Someone I miss

my friends back home and my cat :(

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Anonymous said:
what was your bus crash? sorry if you dont want to talk about it :/

well basically i was on my way up to visit a college on a 12 hour+ bus ride trip set up by the college, and…. well it got into a head-on collision with a fed ex truck that drove over the intersection into our lane. 10 people died, 30+ people with injuries, (not being biased but) mine being one of the worst. i had a broken elbow (not that bad part tbh) and i was having an asthma attack at the time due to all the smoke around + smoke inhalation, also i found out later i had a punctured lung, which also caused trouble breathing. and i didn’t have my asthma inhaler. i couldn’t breathe…. so it was really terrible. 

idk you might have heard about it, it was all over national news i think? but yeah it happened in april so you could google it for more info haha basically i was in the hospital for a week, had surgery on my elbow, and treated for smoke inhalation.

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Untouchable, Our Song, Back To December, Better Than Revenge

Our Song: A song that means a lot to me.

Our Song (because it was the first taylor song i ever heard), Tied Together With A Smile (because of the message), Never Grow Up (because my baby sister), The Story of Us (because my LIFE). 

also not by taylor, whiskey lullaby by brad paisley and alison krauss, live like you were dying by tim mcgraw, and picture by kid rock/sheryl crow. all of these remind me of my childhood and will always hold a special place in my heart

Untouchable:My biggest dream

meet taylor, grow up and be stable (money wise) as some type of teacher probably, idc really, as long as i love it, so i can take care of (another dream) my future wife and kids. also have a very precisely/originally designed house. haha.

also eternal happiness, which i believe will come from these things

Back To December:If I could go back in time, where would I go?

i’m really tempted to say april, just to….. stop everything from happening. but i’m trying to see it as a learning/growing experience, i jsut haven’t reached that point in my life yet.

Better Than Revenge:Someone you want to teach a lesson

bullies everywhere

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all too well, tim mcgraw, long live

Tim McGraw:The name of my first summer love.


Long Live:Who will I remember forever?

My internet friends

All Too Well:Something someone said, I remember all too well

my psychology teacher telling me that when something terrible like that (my bus crash) happens to a person like me, it just means that there’s something bigger than life that’s waiting in my future

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Cold As You.

Cold As You:The worst rejection I’ve ever gotten.

when i built up the courage to FINALLY tell my friend (maybe even best friend at the time) that i liked her, and being told that she would rather just stay friends because she liked our friendship too much :/ but i listened to taylor for like a week straight afterwards so that helped

honestly…. one of the few “rejections” that i’ve been through i guess so that’s why it’s nothing big/special haha

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you're not sorry,superstar, mine, stay beautiful, sparks fly?

Stay Beautiful:Who is the most beautiful person I know?

taylor…. even though i don’t /KNOW/ her…. i know her, and she’s beautiful inside and out.

You’re Not Sorry:Something I’m sorry for?

sorry for letting myself down, and for not being happy all the time

Superstar:My celebritycrush

[whistles] taylor.

and lauren jauregui

Mine:The best thing that’s ever been mine

my friends? or idk is that dumb haha

Sparks Fly:Who captivates my like a fireworkshow?


honestly, i could’ve answered all these questions about taylor probably

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Anonymous said:
Ours, tomg, iomwiwy, love story, fearless

Teardrops On My Guitar:The last time I cried during a song

whenever i listened to Last Kiss probably

I’m Only Me When I’m With You:A person I can be myself with

my friends Karina and Josh

Fearless:My biggest fear.

y’all gonna laugh, but mannequins

Ours:Who has a pretty little mind?

YOU, anon :)

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Love story, the best day, breathe, forever and always, never grow up :)

Love Story: A story about something romantic that happened to me.

uHM i danced w/ the girl i liked at prom (who wasn’t my date)

The Best Day:What was the best day so far?

honestly….. when taylor followed me….. but more specifically REBLOGGED MY VIDEO……. man…. that was a good day.

but other than that like just this ENTIRE summer was sososoooo fun idk if i could pick a favorite day… maybe then night before i left. because my friend went to drop me off at my house (it was like 11 at night) and i/the other girl with us was like… I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE. so we ended up driving around/going to the park/sitting outside/sitting in the car/talking until like 4 am….. idk that was just so FUN to me. (also the fact that i had not packed a SINGLE thing and i was LEAVING FOR COLLEGE WHICH IS 12 HOURS AWAY THE NEXT //MORNING//. did i get any sleep that night? no. do i regret it? hell no.)

also that one day in 3rd grade tbh MAN that day will always be my favorite because i’m such a hopeless romantic even though iwas in the THIRD GRADE welp

Breathe: Something I can’t breathe without

taylor honestly…… and oxygen.

Forever & Always: What do I wish to have forever and always?

a relationship w/ my hopefully future wife

Never Grow Up: A memory about growing up

i remember one night my dad was gone in vegas w/ some of his friends for his bday or something and my brother and i went over to our neighbors house to “play” (we were in like the 4th grade lmao) and anyways her mom set out  beer bottles on the lawn (looking back… the story kinda sounds weird lmao…) and she gave us glow stick necklaces but we like, used them to ring around the beer bottles. and for everyone we made i think we got like a dime or something? IDK man that was fun times. but then my grandma called us in because it was getting “dark” even tho it was only like 7:30 lmao.

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